Everything You Need To Know About The 17 Day Diet. Why It's NOT What You Think...

There is a lot of popularity behind the 17 day diet, but there are also a lot of misconceptions and facts you are not being told by the creator and those pushing this product.

So if you're considering doing this diet plan, I'd recommend first checking out this page so you know everything about it before you try it.

I know this diet plan inside and out and would like to share with you everything there is to know about it, but most importantly what you haven't been told!

Firstly, there isn't anything dangerous about it. It's a completely safe and natural diet. But what you also need to know is that it isn't 17 days long.

Allow me to elaborate...

The Truth Behind The 17 Day Diet:

Fact #1: It's 68 days long, not 17.

The creator and programs which push the 17 day diet only advertise it being 17 days long. But once you dig into it, you'll discover that it's actually 4, 17 day cycles of dieting, which is in total: 68 days long. That's the TRUE length of this diet.

Why is that long? Well because it uses a method of dieting called "Metabolic Confusion". It sounds confusing, but in truth it isn't. All metabolic confusion is, is a dieting "trick" in which you mix up the way that you eat in a special order which confuses your metabolism and makes it work faster. That's pretty much the just of it.

In order to trigger metabolic confusion (where the 68 days comes into play), you need to go through 4, 17 day cycles. In each cycle you will eat differently and once you switch to a new cycle, metabolic confusion will occur, thus causing weight loss.

Here is each cycle summarized and explained:

Cycle 1 Accelerate: You begin the diet by following the outlined meal plan in the book for 17 days.
Cycle 2 Activate: After 17 days of following your first meal plan, you switch to a different one. This is where metabolic confusion occurs. For the first 17 days, your body adapts to a certain meal plan and regulates metabolism according to how you're eating. 
Cycle 3 Achieve: After following your 2nd meal plan for 17 days, you switch again to a new meal plan. This time around though, the 3rd meal plan adds in healthy foods to your diet.
Cycle 4 Arrive: This is a repeat of all 3 previous cycles. Once a week, you are allowed to cheat the diet and eat what you want.

Is it possible to lose 12 pounds every 17 days this way? Not very likely, but some people do lose that much. However, another VERY important fact you'e not told is this...

Fact #2: The 17 Day Diet is based off a superior diet plan.

This diet plan is called Fat Loss 4 Idiots, a program which initially introduced the world to metabolic confusion, but instead calls it "Calorie shifting".

However, what makes Fat Loss 4 Idiots superior to the 17 day diet is that it doesn't change how you eat every 17 days, it changes how you eat every single day, from meal to meal, which accelerates the metabolic confusion effect, which increases the weight loss effect MUCH more.

How much more? Well in most cases you will lose 9 pounds every 11 days, which is the TRUE length of this diet. It's not cycles, it's literally just 1 cycle which lasts 11 days.

Furthermore this diet plan has massive flexbility, something the 17 day diet does not which leads me to the final point:

Fact #3: It's not as flexible as it's creator claims.

Although you do get a lot of variety in the foods you eat, the fact of the matter is with the 17 day diet, you need to follow a specific meal plan that is already laid out for you. Even though the foods aren't bad, I doubt the meal plans will be able to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Contrarily the same diet I mentioned earlier, Fat Loss 4 Idiots lets you choose what you wish to eat.

Here's how that works:

The diet is completely online. You get a large food list to choose from. The choices aren't anything fancy, just basic foods like omelet, shrimp, salad, nuts, a sandwich, ect... If you are a vegetarian, there is a separate food list.

All you do is click what you wish to eat, and a diet generator then takes your selection and gives you a calorie shifting meal plan (also known as metabolic confusion) which tells you exactly how to eat what you chose. Just follow that meal plan and that's it. Most people who do this diet lose 1 pound or more a day.

If you need to do the diet again, simply create another meal plan. You can create as many as you want, even for friends/family. This diet does not descriminate or force you to follow any particular meal plan. You get to decide what you eat. It just tells you how to eat it. That's all.

There are also other perks: You can eat as much as you want, you can drink soda and even alcohol.

The 17 Day Diet Facts in a Nutshell:

Fact #1: It's 68 days long, not 17.

Fact #2: It's dieting method isn't original and is based off a superior diet plan: Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

Fact #3: It doesn't offer nearly as much flexibility as it claims.

Should You Give The 17 Day Diet a Shot?

What is true about the 17 day diet is that it works. No doubt about it. It's really a good diet when you look at it in comparison to most others that are around. But it isn't as good as it claims because of the facts mentioned above.

Now that you know this information, the choice is really yours. You can certainly do this diet and see some good results, but there is also the alternative, Fat Loss 4 Idiots which is just much easier, faster and overall superior to the 17 day diet in pretty much everyway.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Vs 17 Day Diet. How They Stack Up:


Similarity 1: They use the same concept of dieting. One just calls it metabolic confusion while the other calls it calorie shifting.

Biggest Differences:

1: Fat loss 4 Idiots is much shorter. It's only 11 days long. The 17 day diet has 4 cycles, 17 days each (68 days total).

2: Fat Loss 4 Idiots provides more flexiblity. It provides users the option to choose what they want to eat. The 17 day diet gives specific meal plans to follow.

3: Fat Loss 4 Idiots is faster. The 17 day diet utilizes metabolic confusion every 17 days. Fat Loss 4 Idiots utilizes metabolic confusion every single day which is why it's weight loss results are faster.

4. Fat Loss 4 Idiots has a 60 day return policy. The 17 day diet's refund policy is up to 30 days, which isn't enough time to fully test the diet out.

The bottom line: Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a much easier and faster version of the 17 day diet. Try it. And if you don't like it, simply refund it.

Testimonials From Fat Loss 4 Idiots Users:

"I'm still in my first cycle - today is my 7th day and lost 6 lbs already!!!!! I really didn't think it was goign to work for me. It's unbelievable!!!."

Portion of review taken from: Squidoo.com/Fat-Loss-4-Idiots-Testimonials-And-Review

"I definitely do agree that I have much more energy with calorie-shifting as opposed to Atkins
(which I have done twice before).  That diet left me very fatigued, with halitosis, and heart
palpitations!  Calorie shifting has made me control my PM binges by making me more aware of when
I am actually hungry and has eliminated my (what I thought to be insatiable) desire  for refined
sugars/carbs.  This is fantastic!  I feel absolutely no need to "cheat" 3 days."

Portion of actual review taken from: E-mail testimonial


"I quit the program when I reached the halfway mark. I got bored. Although I’ve really lost a lot of weight."

Portion of review taken from: FatLoss4IdiotsReviews.com


"I’m four days into the program and I’m seeing results already. I’ve lost 7 lbs and I still have much energy."

Portion of review taken from: WeightLosswand.com


"Lost 6 pounds during the first 11 days. The diet is easy to follow and the foods are available at your local grocery store, nothing unusual to buy or prepare"

Portion of review taken from: WeightLosswand.com


"After the first 11 days I lost 12 pounds! I was really excited."

Portion of review taken from: Caloriesperhour.com 


"Just finished the 11th day of this diet. Total loss is 9 pounds. I followed my menues precisely and walked at least 1,2 or 3 miles every day."

Portion of review taken from: Squidoo.com/Fat-Loss-4-Idiots-Testimonials-And-Review

Click here to visit the official Fat Loss 4 Idiots website.


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